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Myra Ray, Co-Owner, Media Stylist, COO

myra alone3Myra's extensive skill set stems from her time spent working in each step of the design process. She started with a home-based business, performing print jobs for a local print shop. She was soon asked to manage the print shop, during which time she learned everything from how to run a press to completing the finish work. This experience taught Myra the necessity of staying current within her constantly growing industry. Myra uses this knowledge base to ensure precision in her unique and innovative design specifications.

ommmow founders circleAfter five years with the print shop, Myra moved on to become the creative director for two monthly magazines. She held this position for over 13 years, working collaboratively with the editorial and sales staff to produce a visually appealing and informative final product. While Myra was leading this team, the magazines served as one of the most lucrative ways to advertise in Alamance County.

proudmemberMyra continues to expand her skills, and via research and internship with other developers over recent years, she is now proud to say that Web development and design are firmly within her repertoire. These skills allow Myra to work on a project from start to finish and from print to digital. She is pleased to be able to offer this service as part of the Myray Graphix umbrella.

Myra's portfolio covers a wide range of material. She is comfortable creating anything from church directories and bulletins to county logo designs. Her advertising services have been utilized by clients running the gamut from small businesses to multi-million dollar fundraisers.

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In the last few years Myra has entered into the world of social media and helps her clients reach out to their customers with e-newsletters, and facebook media. She finally has a twitter account, although doesn't twitter as much as she should!

Even with her proven record of consistently outstanding design and media work, Myra still boasts that her two children, ages 28 (Quinn) and 25 (Darrell), are her greatest accomplishment.

Myra's key to success is being open, honest,
and putting as much passion into her clients' businesses as she does her own.


Myra Ray

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