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How the Best Business Cards Can Get You Clients

For many small business owners, the way to get new business is to meet new contacts. Networking can be one of the cheapest ways to pick up new business. Networking is a great way to interact with your target audience, (provided that you are attending the right networking functions) exchange information and develop relationships.

There are two things you need in order to make your networking more effective. The first is a great 30 second elevator pitch that not only says what you do but also says who you do it for. For example: instead of saying "I am a print and web designer." I could say something like, "I help small to medium sized businesses get noticed both online and offline using marketing strategies."

The second thing you need to make your networking more effective is to have a stellar business card. If you think about it, your business card is usually the first thing your prospect gets from you. So why not make a good impression?

That's why hiring a good designer is a wise investment. Yes, it is an investment. Yes, I know you can do it yourself and go to one of those places that will let you do your own design and send you business cards cheap.

Online Business Card Printing Company?

The problem with using those do-it-yourself online business card printing companies is that you can almost always tell that the business card came from there and that you chose to use the cheap method. What kind of message does that send to your potential client that you just spent time with trying to get to know better?

Those cheap business cards that you design yourself say that you aren't really serious about your business and you may not be in business for long. Whereas a stellar business card shows that you are a professional that cares and knows what you are doing.

The best business cards designs always follow these tips:

Keep it simple - your business card is only so big, so try to fit everything about your business on it. You want your name on it of course and your contact information but don't clutter things up too much. Oh, and make sure that the information is legible. You want the font size large enough so that it is comfortable to read.

Get help from a professional designer - not only will you have a stellar business card but ideally your designer is also tasked with designing your other business materials so it will be easy to keep your brand image going across everything.

Think about how you look at other people's business cards when you are making the decision concerning yours. When you get a cheap business card, do you think less of the person and their company?

Do yourself and your business a favor and make sure that your business card reflects positively on you and your business. Print and Web Design would be happy to help customize business cards for you.

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