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How to Write a Blog Post for Your Business Website

Business owners often realize the value of posting fresh content on their websites. But when it comes time to sit down and write something … uh, oh. What do I do? How do I actually write a blog post? This isn’t a comprehensive guide, but here are some ways to get started.

  1. Create a plan. Writing and publishing consistent blog posts requires a bit of thought. What did you write about last month? Last year? Did you already cover that topic? What topics will your clients find interesting that you haven’t written about? Address these questions with a content calendar. Fill in the blanks of your calendar with ideas as far ahead as you can. Take into account any holidays or industry-related events or important occasions that might relate to a blog post.
  2. Write down a few talking points. Now that you have chosen a topic, what will you say about it? If you work with team members, ask for their input. What’s important for you to convey to your audience about this? What is your goal with this post?
  3. Research. Although you may have some critical thoughts to share, a few other sources will help convey your message and strengthen your argument or point. Find a few other facts, statistics, or notes about your topic. Linking to those sources in your post is OK.
  4. Write an outline. This isn’t homework; no one will grade you on your outline. In fact, this step is optional. But if you struggle to write, an outline will help organize your thoughts. You’ll need:
    a. An introductory sentence or two. During that, identify your client’s problem or pain point and introduce what you’ll say.
    b. A few key points. Bullet points and lists work nicely and can then be used in the post itself.
    c. A conclusion with a call to action. A call to action is a prompt to your readers to contact you or take the next step to buy your service.
  5. Write the post. Once you have an outline, adding the words is a bit easier. Don’t get hung up on the first sentence. Just write. You can always go back and change it later. Write as though you’re speaking to one of your clients in person about this problem or topic. What would you say to him or her? Use subheads to separate sections if you have some.
  6. Edit. Review what you’ve written and make any changes. Then, have a team member or trusted friend read it, too, so he/she can point out any typos or any phrases that seem confusing to someone unfamiliar with what you do. Remember, you want your potential customers to read this and immediately understand your points.
  7. Write the headline again. Your first headline was a draft. Rewrite it now that you have a stronger idea of your post. The headline should be to the point but grab someone’s attention. The headline does not need to be click-bait.

Still struggling to write a blog post? No problem. Busy business owners often don’t have the time. Contact us for help getting your blog posts published each month.

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