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[RECENT PROJECTS] Magazine Layout for On a Mission Magazine

When you read a magazine, you probably don’t spend much time thinking about the design. You flip from one page to the next, enjoying the articles and the photos. That’s what good design does — makes it easy for the reader just to keep going and focus on the content.

We recently worked with a new magazine publication, organizing the layout for On a Mission. While creating a design for a magazine may sound simple to some, a publication like this takes enormous work. Each page requires consideration of the content — words and images — and what presentation will create a positive experience for the consumer.

Challenges: Magazines are also a business venture. When the On a Mission Team got started, they had a vision of creating a publication that provided spiritual and uplifting content. But for it to succeed and continue serving people, it would have to pay for itself. The team knew they needed to sell advertising, but how much? Plus, a magazine needs photographs, but they did not know you cannot pull any images from the Internet.

Solutions: We helped On a Mission organize its magazine layout, determining the number of pages based on the paid advertisements to give the publication balance between the two while still covering costs. Magazine photographs must be very large with a high resolution of at least 300 dpi. Otherwise, they print poorly and appear blurry or pixelated. We helped the team find and take images that would give the magazine a professional appearance without subjecting them to copyright lawsuits.

We first met Carolyn through another publication called Pets Uniting People Society (PUPS Digest). We are thrilled we could help with the On a Mission project, and we’re pleased to share this review from them:

“Myra was wonderful to work with! She was so professional, and her ideas for a few of our pages were excellent! Those pages ‘pop’ with color! I would highly recommend her services! On behalf of all of us at Pets Uniting People Society (PUPS Digest), thanks for a job well done! We will be back!” ~ Carolyn Hayes, director, PUPS Digest / Pets Uniting People Society

We look forward to helping more magazine teams with layout and design. Contact us for guidance on your next print project.

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