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Why Your Business May Need a Marketing Project Manager

If you hear the term “project manager” you may think of someone in a corporation, overseeing software development, or someone in a construction office, making sure the building is done on time and on budget. But project managers make appearances in many fields, coordinating teams to get things done.

Your small business may consider working with a marketing person. But before you hire, you might make sure he or she can function as a marketing project manager. Here are three reasons to consider that as you look for marketing partners.

1. A marketing project manager can tie it all together. Imagine if you stood at a dartboard blindfolded and started throwing. That’s how some companies approach marketing. The team tosses an advertisement out there and creates a Facebook page. They are throwing darts, to see if anything sticks. If you don’t have an internal director of marketing or marketing manager, you need someone to create and oversee strategy. Without a plan, you’re throwing darts at the wall.

2. Marketing PMs wear many hats. A marketing project manager may help with a specific project — or all of them. This person might make sure your website is done on time, but he or she might also handle any number of other tasks including:
a. Managing your overall marketing
b. Organizing meetings
c. Managing meeting agendas and notes
d. Assigning tasks
e. Managing a project scope
f. Tracking marketing schedules and the budget
g. Maintaining your online presence such as social media accounts
h. Helping with client quotes and proposals
i. Providing reports
j. Managing print materials
k. Building advertising campaigns
l. Much more!

3. Your guru can’t do it all. If you work with a small company to build your new website, you may find you need someone to lend a hand in managing the project. There is a lot of back-and-forth needed about design, text, photos, and more to push this project across the finish line. Just like a bride may hire a wedding coordinator so she can enjoy the day, you are a business owner with a lot of other things to do. By working with a temporary marketing project manager, you can give input and approve progress without having to oversee every single detail.

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