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Want to improve your SEO? Below is one way you can improve your on page SEO checklist . Remember playing tag on those summer-time days with neighborhood kids, as a youngster? Sometimes we would tag the closest kid to us, or maybe our best friend. Then there were the times we would tag the person we wanted to notice us. We saw each kid, but we choos
If you know me or have attended one of my speeches or classes, then you know that I am a big believer in writing more content for your website if you want to get more traffic. My main reason for saying that is because the job of the search engines is to crawl websites and index pages by their topic and the only way you can get more web pages in the
With so many websites selling the same things, how do you know who to trust and buy from? Getting people to trust you when all they see is your website can be a little daunting. But the truth is people prefer to do business with businesses they know and trust. So, how do you develop a trusting relationship through the Internet and turn a website vi
Rome wasn't built in a day and I seriously doubt that it was done without a plan. Before beginning your web design project, you need to begin by developing a plan to keep you on the right track. First you need to determine what the purpose of your website will be. Why are you building a web presence? Will the site sell products or services? Will it
I learned a long time ago that the money in your business is in your database. Okay, your systems and processes are important too but it's your list of clients that holds the gold. Have a new product or service? Tell your database about it. Are you having a sale? Tell your list of buyers about it. Selling your business? The bigger the list, the big
For many small business owners, the way to get new business is to meet new contacts. Networking can be one of the cheapest ways to pick up new business. Networking is a great way to interact with your target audience, (provided that you are attending the right networking functions) exchange information and develop relationships. There are two thing
Business owners are always asking us questions about search engine optimization and how to get on the first page of Google. The problem they have is that there is so much information available and it's very often too technical for the average person to understand. All this does is leave the business owner afraid and not knowing what to do. It also
You hear and see it all the time in internet marketing, “Download this eBook today!” Heck, we even have a few on our site. So, what exactly is an ebook and how can you create one? An ebook is an electronic version of a book. They are often used in internet marketing strategy to entice people to give their email address in exchange for i
I come across a lot of people who think that if they have a domain name that they also have hosting. In order to have a website, you must have both a domain name and hosting services and these two things are different. Today, I would like to explain the difference between a domain name and hosting services. What is a Domain Name? A domain name is b