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You’ve heard that an online presence is crucial to running a business in this day and age. You want to set up your website and reach out to possibly triple the amount of people you are reaching now. So you put in all your energy and effort, watch a bunch of tutorials online and set up a website. Except…you’re not getting the resp
If you’re baffled at why your website isn’t getting the traffic that it should, it could be that you’re making these four mistakes. 1. You haven’t jumped the SEO bandwagon yet Search Engine Optimization, more widely known as SEO, is the first thing anyone talks about when discussing website traffic. If you don’t alread
Does your New Year Resolution include launching a website for your business? That’s great! Your business website is the best way to boost your digital presence on the web. In addition to that, many marketers consider it as the hub for inbound marketing. That‘s because you can connect all your blogs and social media platforms to the offi
Like the check engine light on a car, websites also give off signals if they are in dire need of a checkup. If your website is showing any of the following telltale signs, maybe you need to think about redesigning! 1.  It’s the grandma of websites By this we mean your website looks and feels old and outdated. Low quality images, color sc
What is color psychology exactly? To put it simply, color psychology studies the impact of colors on human behavior. Yes, it’s an actual classification. Experts in the field believe that colors can greatly affect our emotions, thought process, and actions. Skeptics argue that it is not possible to apply a blanket statement to any one color be
Rebranding can be a tough job. It stands on that thin line between being a complete disaster that needs to be reversed like GAP’s logo redesign or it can be a success like FedEx’s streamlining of the brand. So how exactly do you end up on the FedEx side of the spectrum? Well, we’ve outline three major aspects of identifying when i
Procrastination is a worldwide epidemic that seems to have no cure. You know the feeling we’re talking about – that itch to just reach for your phone one more time before you get back to work, the desire to switch windows to play a song on Spotify and get distracted by new tabs. If you’re struggling to buckle down and get your wor
A website is only as good as its design. Heard that before? If you haven’t, then it’s about time that you take note! Especially if you’re planning on starting a website for – well, anything really.   A website that is cluttered, difficult to navigate and clunky will put users off before they even get to the purpose of t
This post is the fifth of a five-part series on Inbound Marketing campaigns and the different pieces that go into them. Website security is a challenge for every business, whether it’s a multi-billion-dollar company or your soloprenuership in Cary. We often write about security because it’s so easy for small business owners to overlook