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Every endeavor has a start, and every campaign has an initiation. Your SEO campaign needs to start from somewhere, and a Google My Business listing is the perfect way to get this campaign started. With the internet changing the way we communicate with each other, advertising has also seen a disruption of sorts. Gone are the days of extensive billbo
What Does SEO Stand For? Let’s say you live in Brooklyn and are looking for a bakery that does customized cakes near you. When you search for ‘customized cakes in Brooklyn’ on a search engine such as Google, you’re going to get a list of suggested websites and businesses. While the process of sifting through keywords and sho
What is Target Marketing? Target marketing or niche marketing as it is sometimes referred to as caters to a particular segment of the market. This can be determined through a number of factors such as geographical location, age group, and gender to name an obvious few. Despite misconceptions, target marketing does not mean only selling to one segme
What is the Lifetime Value of a Business?  Lifetime value of a business is a prediction of how long lasting and profitable your relationship with consumers will be in the future. By focusing on these metrics, businesses are essentially encouraged to shift their focus from their short term gains to long term goals. There are a number of reasons
What is the General Data Protection Regulation? The General Data Protection Regulation Policy (GDPR) is a data security and privacy legislation that was implemented on 25 th May 2018 for the protection of European Union citizens. It replaced the previous data protection policy that had been around since 1998 called the Data Protection Directive. Fo
Odds are that time is that one thing that you always seem to be short of – especially if you’re an entrepreneur. It doesn’t help that due to the urge of wanting to do every task yourself, you end up feeling stretched too thin with not enough hours left in the day to accomplish everything you need. There are a few things you can do
Let’s face it – if you don’t have an active social media presence in this day and age, you may as well not even exist. As a business, your goal is to reach out to as many people as possible, and there is hardly any medium of communication that is as easy and as far-reaching as social media. Still skeptical? Here are a few reasons
What are PGB, CMYK, and HEX? Though at first glance, the words may only seem like random acronyms, but they are a part of our everyday lives in the colors we consume on a daily basis. Because of the impact visuals have on us and the force of color psychology in marketing, brands sometimes need to be very specific of the shade they choose for their
The fact that businesses continue to communicate with customers through email speaks a lot about the popularity and effectiveness of the tool. Had it not been effective, it would have gone extinct as others started to take its place. And yet, despite the influx of other mediums such as social media, email has continued to be a benchmark for profess