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Business owners learning about marketing may stumble across the idea of creating personas for their current or target clients. While creating personas sounds like a good idea, many entrepreneurs struggle with how to get started. Here is a step-by-step guide to personas. What is a Persona? In marketing, a persona is a fictional representation of a g
Blogging is not an easy thing to do for most busy business owners. Creating content takes work and time, and time is money when you run a small business. I recently explained why blogging matters for your business. Now that you’ve started a blog, let’s take a look at how often you should post. The Short Answer on Blogging Frequency The
Website hosting is one of the most important parts of your Raleigh or Cary business. While it’s invisible to you most of the time, website hosting is what keeps your website running. At Print and Web Designer, we rely on hosting providers who run a “green” operation.   What is Hosting? Confused about hosting? That’s OK.
Business owners may not want an entirely new website . But no matter what, your company’s site must be responsive to mobile devices. If your website is not responsive but you cannot manage the time or cost of a new website, we can help you change your current site to look and function better on mobile devices. We recently made that change for
SEO. Search Engine Optimization. By now, a lot of business owners have heard of SEO. Many know it’s something they should be doing, but many of you aren’t. One of the reasons people hesitate to deal with SEO is because they aren’t sure what it is, what it means, and how it works. It’s OK not to be an expert; you can hire an
Building a new website for your business is a big project. I talk to a lot of Raleigh and Cary business owners about new websites, and some agree it’s time. But they hesitate to take action. Why? Well, creating a new website costs money and takes time. A new website may mean learning a new system or changing how you do things. Those are just
Blogging feels like a chore to small business owners. And unlike bookkeeping or some administrative tasks, this chore is one you often push aside. Reasons You Don’t Blog I’ve spoken to a lot of business owners about blogging, and there are plenty of reasons not to: ● I’m busy. ● No one reads it. ● Whoops, a client emergency. Too b
Want to improve your website SEO? Check out this story and see if you can relate. I got an email from my veterinarian the other day and when I went to check it out, I realized that it was actually from my previous veterinarian. I haven't seen him since I moved about six years ago but I guess I gave him my email address and he finally has a reason t
WordPress website security is a big topic these days. WordPress is one of the most popular platforms being used today. However, sites have been hacked and people are worried that WordPress isn't safe. It's estimated that 30,000 websites are hacked every day. It's scary but there is quite a bit you can do to protect your WordPress website. We’