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Websites are a fun project for both the business owner and our team. But if the project drags out for months, both sides may feel frustrated. We want to keep you excited about your new website. That’s why we have created this easy checklist of things we’ll need from you to keep progress moving forward: Before We Begin ● Website login -
Hiring someone to design and build your website is a scary undertaking. Whom can you trust to showcase your business for a fair price? You’re an entrepreneur, but that doesn’t mean you have cash to burn: how much will a website design cost? The cost of website design and creation range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. The
Raleigh and Cary business owners understand that a blog is a useful way to maintain a strong online presence. Of course, there’s that pesky problem of creating content for the blog on a regular basis. We’ve talked about how often you should blog and how to  create a content calendar. But you might also be wondering what type of con
Website owners might be hearing more about SSLs lately. If you’re a busy business owner (is there another kind?), you probably wondering what that means and whether you care. The answer to the last part is: Yes, you do. But let’s back up a minute. What is an SSL Certificate? SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. The simple explanation is
I spend a lot of time walking my golden retriever, Mandy and driving in my car. I truly enjoy listening to podcasts and audiobooks. I like to spend the time learning new things and getting inspired by others. Here are some of my favorite podcasts: How I Built This : Guy Raz, from NPR, "interviews innovators, entrepreneurs and idealists and the stor
Keywords are something you will hear about as you begin marketing your business online. It’s one of those things everyone seems to know about already. If you’re new to online marketing, you may feel silly asking. Don’t worry; we’ve got your answers. What are Keywords? Keywords are just that — words. You choose specific
Websites are never finished. Yes, that’s right. Business owners who work with a web design firm often feel excited when the new website is published. “It’s done,” they think. Websites are just like a house; you build it, and then you maintain it, so the structure doesn’t crumble down around you. Maintenance and support
Content calendars are a useful tool for any blogger or business blogger. You might also call it an editorial calendar. In short, a content calendar is a map of your content for the next several weeks or months. For many small business owners, that content is blog posts. (See How Often Should I Blog? ) Your content may also include a quarterly white
Client login systems are a useful way to let your client pay bills, see their latest update from you, or download information about their project. We recently set up a login system for Griffin Land Surveying, Inc . Their website was several years old, which meant we needed to create a new one. Newer technology is more secure. Plus, the old website