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4 Major Reasons Your Website Isn’t Getting Any Traffic

4 Major Reasons Your Website Isnt Getting Any TrafficIf you’re baffled at why your website isn’t getting the traffic that it should, it could be that you’re making these four mistakes.

1. You haven’t jumped the SEO bandwagon yet

Search Engine Optimization, more widely known as SEO, is the first thing anyone talks about when discussing website traffic. If you don’t already know, SEO is the process of increasing the online visibility of a website. The higher a website is ranked by search engines such as Google or Bing, the more chances there will be of user traffic and engagement.

If your website isn’t receiving the kind of traffic you want, there’s a chance that you haven’t been paying attention to SEO techniques. There are two ways to go about fixing this. The first is fairly simple (and free); research things like keyword optimization and SEO marketing to understand how it works and begin incorporating the techniques in your content. It may not make a significant change in traffic immediately, but slowly and surely you’ll begin to notice a difference.

2.  Your website design isn’t user-friendly

One of the biggest turn-offs for users is a website that is slow, clunky, and full of broken links. There is so much that goes into designing websites that people overlook. Everything from color scheme to the code to embedded media and layout – there is an endless myriad of factors that will determine user experience, and it is important to nail every single one.

Skimping on a great website design means you are risking users getting frustrated and leaving your page before they could engage with the content you wanted them to see. If you’re unsure of how to optimize website design, contact us for a free consultation.

3.  You don’t have the right content

So you’ve got a great website and you’re putting in all the right SEO savvy keywords. Still, no one gives a flying scooter about your website and traffic is as slow as ever.

Well…maybe it’s time to review and asses the actual content you’re posting. Just because your posts have prime keywords and your topics are relevant, it doesn’t guarantee that you will generate traffic.

Is your content original? Is it clearly understandable, free from grammatical mistakes? Is it formatted properly? Does it have value?

These are all questions you should be asking yourself while reviewing your content. A page is only as good as what it posts. For traffic to stay consistent and engaged, your content needs to be top notch. No compromise!

4.  You aren’t following the three C’s

     a. Cohesive

Your website needs to be cohesive. This means your brand’s theme needs to be present throughout. You can’t have a website that is devoted to environmental preservation talking about the latest superhero movies, can you? From your posts to your design, everything needs to remain cohesive and holistic so your brand is reinforced properly for the user.

      b. Creative

You will need to stand out. Chances are there will be hundreds of websites that mirror the kind of content you are producing. In order to make users who visit your page interested enough to come back, you will need to make sure your website is fresh and maximizes creativity in everything— from design to content.

      c. Consistent

Consistency is key. You will need to have a steady stream of content and marketing presence for your website to grow and increase traffic. Don’t be sporadic about posting content. Stay up to date with trends. Maximize marketing through different collaborations and posting on different platforms.

Generating organic traffic and keeping it coming back is harder than it seems. But if you focus on fixing these four problems, trust us – it’s going to turn your website over!

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