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4 Signs Your Website is Begging for a Design Update

4 Signs Your Website is Begging for a Design UpdateLike the check engine light on a car, websites also give off signals if they are in dire need of a checkup. If your website is showing any of the following telltale signs, maybe you need to think about redesigning!

1.  It’s the grandma of websites

By this we mean your website looks and feels old and outdated. Low quality images, color schemes that don’t blend well, and a layout that is following patterns that are years old are all contributors to making your website seem outdated. First impressions are a huge factor in ensuring people who visit your website are interested enough to stay. And the impression they make of your website will reflect greatly on the image they make of your overall brand. This is why, if your website is starting to look old, it’s probably time you updated it.

2.  It’s not mobile friendly

This goes beyond just aesthetics and usability. Google is actually altering its algorithm to rank websites that are by default mobile friendly higher in its search results. This means if you have a separate domain for a mobile website, or if your current website is not user friendly, your chances of being ranked higher will drop significantly. Statistics show that users are now more than ever relying on mobile devices to browse web content. If you haven’t jumped on the mobile optimization bandwagon – now might be a good time!

3.  It isn’t generating traffic

If your website has a high bounce rate – meaning people click away too fast - or if it isn’t getting the kind of traffic you want, it may signal that your website is causing it. A website that is clunky and doesn’t have clearly highlighted navigation options, headings, contact information, or easily readable text is going to make users less likely to engage with the site. Redesigning your page to be more user friendly will automatically help generate traffic – or at least retain the traffic without giving it a reason to navigate away.

4. It isn’t aligned with your company anymore

Sometimes even with a perfectly user friendly page and a great, up to date layout, your website doesn’t work because it just doesn’t reflect your company anymore. If your company philosophy, vision, or overall vibe has changed then your website needs to reflect that to work best.

A website redesign isn’t always about fixing errors. It can also be about redesigning your page to fit a new look or image altogether.

We know how hard it can be to pick out errors and nail the kind of web design that’s best for you. This is why we’re here to help. Contact us for a free consultation to know how your website can reflect the brand you want to be!

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