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5 Reasons You Don’t Want to Order Business Cards Online

Business cards have been part of business for centuries and don’t seem to be going anywhere. Newer business owners in Raleigh and Cary will often turn to these online printing sites to churn out hundreds of business cards before they head out to network.

Not so fast. While online ordering is cheap, quick, and easy, you are losing out in other ways. Here are five reasons you should order your business cards from a local print and web marketing agency:

1. Less customization. While you can choose some options online, such as the thickness of the paper, you won’t get the full range of options you’ll find from your local printer. These might include embossing, foils, and more. While you may not want to go crazy with business cards, each little thing you do differently helps you stand out. (See point No. 2.)
2. First impressions matter. We’ve handed business cards to hundreds of people. The first thing they do is rub it a little and look at it. The weight of the card, the thickness of the paper, any embossing — all of those are noticed quickly. The tactile nature of a card affects their impression of you, whether they mention it or not. When your card is later tossed into a bowl on that person’s desk, you want yours to stand out. To get a stand out card, you need to speak to someone who creates business cards. He or she can talk to you about your options (see point No. 1) and let you see and feel samples of what you can get.
3. Personal contact. You can call up your local print agency if something is wrong and they will work hard to fix it for you. They will talk to you about the pros and cons of papers and explain everything you might have wondered about it.
4. Higher quality. If you work with a local printer, you will view a proof so you can make sure it’s exactly what you want. A good printer will do color checks, review everything multiple times, and make adjustments as needed. Your online order is 1-2-3 done so they can move on to the next batch.
5. Support local. You’re a small business owner asking others to support you. Spread that same karma to your local printer and marketing agency. The online printing company isn’t going anywhere.

Each of your cards represents you, serving as a silent representation of your interest in quality. As you ponder your business cards and your brand, contact us to take your business to the next level.

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