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Checklist: What to Send Your Raleigh Website Designer

Websites are a fun project for both the business owner and our team. But if the project drags out for months, both sides may feel frustrated. We want to keep you excited about your new website. That’s why we have created this easy checklist of things we’ll need from you to keep progress moving forward:

Before We Begin

● Website login - If you have a current website, we need your username and password.
● Hosting and domain login - Where is your website hosted now? Where did you buy your domain name (URL)? We’ll need those usernames and passwords as well. (Note: we keep all this information confidential.)
● Branding spec sheets - We’ll discuss this during our initial conversations. This information ensures we create a site that matches you and your brand.
● The name and email/phone of our direct contact with your company, the point person for this project.
● List of Likes/Dislikes - Create a list of websites you love and those you hate and send that to us with the reasons why. This will help us design a website you love. Look at websites from others in your industry, but don’t be shy about checking out other sites, too.

As We Work

● A list of people who will need access to the completed site.
● Links to your social media accounts so we can put those on the site.
Bios and headshots - If your site contains an About Us page, please send the photos and bios for your team. Can’t write your bio? We can help with that!
● Testimonials from clients if we are publishing those on the site.
● Editorial or text - If you are providing the text and other content, please send that as soon as possible.
● Photos - We might be handling these for you, but you might also send us images to use.
● Blog posts with images - If you do not already have a blog on your site, we will need three starter posts to have once the site goes live. Again, we can help with this part if you’re not ready to write.
● For e-commerce sites, we need good photos of your products, product descriptions, and specs along with shipping information.
● Access to your PayPal account so we can set up a donate button if that’s required.
● Access to your social media accounts if we will be managing those for you.

Most Important
Timely feedback is the most important role you play in this process. We know business owners are busy, but we need your full commitment to this project so we can move forward. At various stages of the project, we will ask you for your thoughts or input. Please respond to any questions we send so we can finish the project and get you back to business.

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