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Does Marketing Your Business on Facebook Work?

FacebookFacebook dominates the social media landscape today due to its massive user base. Official statistics show that over 1.5 billion people use Facebook every day and over 7 million advertisers use the platform to promote their brand.

With that kind of reach, it’s no wonder that brands like Happy Socks have been able to become global favorites through the strategic use of Facebook marketing. But is marketing your business on Facebook all that it’s hyped up to be? Here’s our take on it.

How Does Facebook Marketing Work?

Facebook Pages are not like traditional Facebook profiles that require friend request approval on both sides before you can interact. There is no limit to who can like and follow your page, and liking a Facebook page requires no approval. Businesses can create a Page for their brand and interact with consumers in a personalized, targeted manner.

There are three main ways to promote your business through Facebook Pages

Posting to the Page Itself
You can post text, links, images, videos, gifs, and create polls on your timeline.

Boosting Posts
Because of Facebook’s algorithm, not all posts are shown with equal visibility across the platform. You can pay to boost the visibility of certain posts on your timeline, so they show up on news feeds of people in your target demographic.

Facebook Ads
Instead of boosting certain posts, you can purchase Facebook advertising space. This can be in the form of traditional ads, video ads, or Facebook Story ads that show up as ‘sponsored posts’.

The Up Side of Facebook Marketing

  1. Wide Audience

In comparison to more local options of say, running an ad in a newspaper, Facebook marketing will allow you to access a much wider audience across the globe.

  1. Multimedia Marketing

You don’t need to be restricted to text adverts. The multimedia platform allows you to market your brand through a number of creative, interactive ways to boost engagement.

  1. Important Analytics

The analytics that Facebook generates makes it possible for you to understand who is interacting with your brand and allow you to customize your marketing techniques accordingly.

The Down Side of Facebook Marketing

  1. Expensive

The cost of advertising on Facebook can add up in the long run. And given the Facebook algorithm, unless you boost your posts through paid promotion, it is quite unlikely that it will get the kind of visibility you’d like – especially if you’re just starting up.

  1. Risky

Because the platform allows users to post freely on your business page, there is always a chance that negative feedback from competitors can pile up and tarnish your image.

  1. Time Consuming

A successful Facebook marketing strategy requires time and commitment. You need to invest in creating a cohesive brand image, brand tone as well as stay relevant and stay up to date with new trends. If you don’t have the kind of resources that can keep your page running and updating frequently, this may not work out as well as you want.

If you really want your business to stand out among the sea of business pages on Facebook, you can always invest in a cohesive, creative layout for the page that uses Facebook’s default design and adds a personal spin to it to make it appealing to users.

Hire professional designers like Print and Web Design to help take your Facebook business page to the next level and draw in much more interaction.

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