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Hidden Gem: Leveraging Your FAQ to Improve Marketing and Sales Strategy


Most websites have a Frequently Asked Questions page, but few creators spend much time thinking about it. Creating a great FAQ page can set you apart from your competitors by telling a different side to your story and optimizing your website for search engines.

Crafting an informative FAQ page could be the unsung sales hero of your website. It may surprise you, but after your landing or home page, your FAQ page is where viewers spend a large amount of time. Therefore, it’s smart to use your FAQ page as a selling tool where you help your prospects undeniably understand why you are their best choice.

Here’s how to improve your marketing strategy and sales by leveraging your Frequently Asked Questions page. Of course, you should have your standard FAQ questions, but here’s how to incorporate and highlight other aspects of your business. For the ease of understanding each tactic, we will pretend you are the owner of a beauty salon.

Tell a Different Story

Is there a gap in what is currently being covered on your about page or recent press? Identify a fresh angle that your business offers and take this opportunity to talk about it. Maybe you recently held a benefit to help Locks of Love. Your FAQ page is an appropriate space to talk about it and may encourage individuals with empathetic attitudes to come to your salon because of your charity-based events.

Timely Material

Can you offer a fresh take or solution to a current issue? Not only will you attract clicks from google searches, but you’ll show your audience that you are relevant and current within your market. For instance, if everyone is talking about a specific hairstyle of a celebrity, a question could be, “Can we help you achieve XX’s look?” Of course, we can. Schedule your next appointment, and we’ll share our tips. This encourages customers to come to you not only because of your regular services but because of your ever-evolving knowledge base which sets you apart in your industry.

Focus on What Is In

Is there a new trend or pressing issue in your market? Address it in your FAQ page. Sometimes it’s as simple as crafting a question around a new trend, for instance, a hair salon may write, “Do you offer Balayage services?” your answer can be simple and snarky or inviting and informative depending on your website’s voice, but either way, it answers a common question, adds another search term on your website, and draws hits from google.

Highlight What Sets You Apart

The FAQ page is a great space to highlight what sets your business apart from competitors. Make a list of specific special services or unique areas of expertise you can offer customers and work them into answers in your FAQ. Even the small moments deserve to be highlighted for instance, “Do you offer water or coffee during appointments? Yes, we offer lemon water, local coffee, and even mini mimosas if you’re in the mood.” Such posts inform customers know that they are valued and well taken care of.

Information to Help Amp Up Your FAQ

  • Your Blog + Social Media: Look to your blog posts and social media statistics to see what your customers are most interested in. Your popular posts will determine what your audience is already focused on and may clue you into future trends as well.
  • Contact Forms: Look over past contact forms. What exactly were people asking? Do those questions point to current holes in your website or on your FAQ page?
  • Search Terms: Look at the internal search results on your site; it’s a great place to find out what customers are looking for and what they are having a hard time finding. Were the answers appropriate? Or, could you do a better job of answering their questions and telling your story?
  • Your Keywords: Search your keywords and see what Google shows in the search results. Are there other keywords and phrases that align with your business? What keywords could you utilize to craft content and questions?
  • Current Customers: Listen to your existing customers. Chat with them or create a questionnaire or satisfaction survey. See what points they love about your business and play them up in the FAQ. Identify where you could do better and take notes.
  • Competitors: It doesn’t hurt to see what the best is already doing. Consider if you can learn anything from them. Also, look at what you have in common and how they deliver that narrative.

Using your FAQ page to tell your story and explain why you’re a better choice than your competitors is a secret marketing move that most businesses are not taking advantage of. When prospects come to your FAQ page, they chose to do so, which means you have their undivided attention. They are already looking for information and this is your opportunity to offer the key selling points as to why you’re the best choice. Look at the information you already have access to and use that to amp up the narrative on your FAQ page for more successful sales.

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