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[Infographics] Business Information - Did you Know? 8 Common Tax Deductions

A business’ marketing budget can tie up a lot of capital, so it’s critical that you take advantage of every possible deduction at tax time.

Common Tax Deductions

Website Expense: the amount you pay for a website is a large deductible expense

Social Media: paying a consultant to run your social media accounts

Promotional Print Materials: including brochures business cards, postcards and flyers

Traditional Advertising: from a glossy magazine to a TV spot

Marketing Software: any CRM, social scheduling tools, constant contact

Special Promotions: sponsor for a local event or pay to have your logo featured on a local sports jersey

Consultant: to help design and conduct any of these marketing campaigns

Marketing: content creating, email marketing, graphic design, SEO

Business owners make tax deductions work to their advantage. By doing so they significantly lower their taxable business income.

Any strategy for keeping more cash in your pocket is worth understanding.

Did You Know:

  • Small businesses pay as much as 29.4% in taxes
  • For every $500 you spend on marketing you can save $147 in deductions!

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