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[RECENT PROJECTS] Full Branding for a Business

A potential client called us with an urgent request: he needed a piece of direct mail sent in seven days.

Direct mail can take longer than that, depending on the client, the design, and the mailing specifications. But within one week, we sent out Danny The Trainer’s mailer card. He was so thrilled with the piece, he turned around and hired us to do something he’d long put off: branding for his business.

Challenges: While Danny the Trainer had a good business, he needed to create more than that: he needed a brand. Many business owners put off designing a logo (or pay someone $5 to create something using stock imagery). But a brand is more than just the logo. A brand encapsulates what a business does and who it is through images, colors, the tagline, and more.

Solution: We met with Danny multiple times to get to know him, his business, and why his clients keep coming back. With that in mind, we designed not just a logo, but an entire brand around Danny and his tough-on-the-outside-but-will-help-you-achieve-your-goals image.

Danny had nice things to say about us in his online review:

“Highly recommended! Myra and her team are very responsive, great communication and get very reasonably priced work done - fast. Will definitely continue to use for my business.”

Thanks, Danny!

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