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You Can't Just Buy Any Ole Website Design – How to Increase Your SEO

Want to improve your website SEO? Check out this story and see if you can relate.

I got an email from my veterinarian the other day and when I went to check it out, I realized that it was actually from my previous veterinarian. I haven't seen him since I moved about six years ago but I guess I gave him my email address and he finally has a reason to use it.

Anyway, I went to his website to check out the article on rabies. Once I was done, I went back to my emails and noticed that I had another email from my veterinarian. Only this one was from the vet that I actually see.

Interestingly enough it was the same email pointing to the same article but on a different website. It seems that there is a local web designer that specializes in providing websites to veterinarians. This web design company had met with all the vets in the area at one of their meetings. I have to say that they must have been pretty persuasive.

I did a quick little search of local area veterinarians and discovered that the majority of them have the same website. There are small differences but they are hard to notice. Mostly the differences have to do with color, the contact information and the about us page. Here's the problem, search engines love content. But what they really love is original content. When there are multiple websites sharing the same information, there is nothing to help you stand out from the crowd. When you do a search looking for a service in your area and there are multiple places to choose from, what's going to help you choose?

I'll tell you what's not going to help and that is having a website that looks just like the other guys. I've seen this a lot in the network marketing industry. When someone get's started with a MLM company, they get their "very own website". But it looks just like everyone else's website except for the name and phone number. After a few months the marketer wonders why they haven't made any sales.

The Answer is Content

Like I said search engines love content but it can't just be any ole content. If you want the search engines to help you get more website traffic your content has to have the following:

  • It has to be original content to get the search engines to move you up in the rankings.
  • It has to be written at a level that your target market can understand. The article that I have been seeing from my veterinarians are written for other health professionals not for ordinary people that need information about their pet.
  • The content has to address an issue that your prospects are having. You can't just write some nonsense with some keywords thrown it. Your content should answer a question that your prospect has.
  • It helps if the content is about your customers and not all about you. It's may make you feel great to say that you are the number one at something but what people really want to know is "what's in it for me". Make it about your prospects.

Take a moment to think about how you shop. Do you just do a search online, pick the very first website that is listed and make a purchase right away? I don't and I'll bet you don't either. I'll bet that you check at least three websites before you make a decision. Think about that while you are putting content on your website. Think about what you would look for from the point of view of the customer. (Buyers Journey)

Now that you know what search engines look for before they will promote your business, you have no reason not to give it to them. If you would like further help with your online business, click here. I would be happy to spend 30 minutes with you on the phone to see if we can do anything that will help your small business kick your competition's butt.

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