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You say Thursday, I say Friday Eve, Share with all your Friends who could use a laugh!    
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In the movie world, there are two ways to throw an office or business holiday party, the first one is the chaotic and boring mess thrown by Angela in The Office or the one that Bridget Jones attends that opens Bridget Jones’s Diary . The reality is a little far off from these holiday parties. Each business has its own party planning committee
Can you even imagine life before the internet? Take a minute to acknowledge your favorite website, search engine or online tool this #InternetDay. Please share their favorite site or maybe an anecdote of life before the world wide web
#SundayMood We know Monday mornings can be a schlep. One way to improve the #MondayBlues is to get organized on Sunday. Use today's post to share some insightful tips to make sure your week starts off great!  
The United Nations is an organization that aims to maintain international peace and security and develop friendly relations among nations. Show your support for #UnitedNationsDay by sharing this inspiring video.
#FairTradeMonth brings awareness to the importance of fair trade. By buying fair trade you are empowering farmers, workers, communities and the environment. Get on board with this great cause by sharing some quick and easy tips on how to be more responsible shoppers and citizens.
Food Day - Back in 1945, #WorldFoodDay was created to celebrate the launch of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. The annual celebration aims to highlight the importance of the organization as well as to help raise awareness for sustainable agriculture policies to ensure food for all.
Black cats seem to have a bad rep of bringing bad luck to those that cross their paths. However, #BlackCatAwareness Month aims to demystify all of these crazy superstitions. The day was created after an increase of shelters realized that black cats are adopted at a rate 50% lower than any other color of cat. Use today to spread the word that black