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3 Ways to Organize Your Time as an Entrepreneur to be More Productive

4WaystoOrganizeYourTimeasanEntrepreneurtobeMoreProductive 601761Odds are that time is that one thing that you always seem to be short of – especially if you’re an entrepreneur. It doesn’t help that due to the urge of wanting to do every task yourself, you end up feeling stretched too thin with not enough hours left in the day to accomplish everything you need.

There are a few things you can do to organize your time as an entrepreneur, in order to be as productive as possible. We’ve listed down three ways to stay on top of your to-do list without losing your mind!

1.  Schedule Your Time

This seems simple enough, but it has innumerable benefits. As an entrepreneur, you are likely tied up in a number of meetings and tasks. You simply cannot rely on your memory alone to keep track of things.

With the wealth of options available to us today to help track our time and appointments, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be using them to our advantage.

Note down your scheduled appointments, meetings, and tasks on a calendar and set up reminders for things you are likely to forget so that you have a fair idea of where you should be and what you should be doing at a given time.

2.  Prioritize the Right Tasks

The most unproductive thing you can do is to let your to-do list overwhelm you. Tasks will never stop pouring in, making you feel like you are in an endless cycle of things to do – the key to staying on top of them is to make sure you prioritize properly.

The Ivy Lee method for managing time productively is your best friend in this scenario. At the end of your day, write down no more than six tasks that you absolutely need to get done the next day. The following morning, prioritize those six tasks one at a time before you get to anything else.

This will help you stay on track without getting distracted by other, unimportant tasks.

3.  Create a Productive Workspace

Time management has a lot to do with productivity which in turn has a lot to do with the space you are working in.

Chances are that if you’re working in a cluttered, noisy workspace, you won’t be able to get much work done which means more wasted time. Try cleaning as well as organizing your workspace to create a less stressful environment.

Turning your notifications on silent when you’re working is also a great way to do this. This will reduce the number of times you will be tempted to check your phone every time the screen glows.

Time management is not about setting alarms and timers – it’s about developing habits that get you into a frame of mind where you are able to utilize the time you do have in an efficient, productive manner.

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