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5 Myths and Misconceptions about Project Managers

When tackling significant projects for a client, sometimes the deadlines and details can become lost in the madness. At times like these, a project manager could be a helpful addition to your team to ensure that these tasks are executed efficiently and correctly. Not every team includes a project manager, and some can be critical of their role in the workplace or as an outsourced hire. In response, we’ve debunked five common myths about project managers.

Myth 1: Talented teams don’t need project managers.

Even if the members of your team are capable of handling a variety of tasks, a project manager can still provide value. The project manager maintains an overview of the components and timelines of different projects, which allows projects to run more smoothly. The presence of a project manager also ensures that the rest of your team can focus on their responsibilities.

Myth 2: Project management means process, not people.

The idea project managers rely on a process rather than their team members is a myth. While a typical protocol can make project execution simpler, the team is an invaluable part of a business. At the end of the day, a project manager is only as good as their team, and their team is only as good as their understanding of the project management processes.

Myth 3: Project Managers just schedule.

While project managers do set deadlines and ensure that they are met, this is just one facet of their role. Project management includes structuring projects, ensuring the quality of the work, accordance with the budget, and client satisfaction. Scheduling is an integral part of project management, but the schedule must ensure that the components of a project are completed promptly while fulfilling or exceeding client expectations.

Myth 4: Project management is only necessary for big projects.

“Big” projects are relative depending on a company; therefore project management can be helpful in a variety of situations within different businesses. The expertise provided by project managers can help with large and small projects in companies of all sizes to ensure that the projects are completed efficiently.

Myth 5: Project managers view employees as pawns in their game.

Project managers might view themselves as the center of the whole operation, but realistically their job cannot be done without assistance and expertise of other employees. Each member of a team is responsible for certain aspects of the project, and delegation of these tasks is necessary for these projects to be efficiently executed.

If your business is in need of assistance with your projects, contact us to explore how a project manager can help your team.

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