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5 Reasons a DIY Logo is a Bad Idea and How it Can Mess Up Your Brand

5 Reasons a DIY Logo is a Bad Idea and How it Can Mess Up Your Brand

A logo is one of the most important parts of a brand. It might even be the very first thing that people notice – even before your brand name! This is why it is so incredibly important to pay attention to how your logo looks and the vibe it gives off.

So many people think they’re better off doing a DIY version of their logo because it will save them the money that would have otherwise gone into paying for a designer. But more often than not – this backfires because despite saving money on designers, the brand loses out on having a quality logo that can benefit it in so many other ways.

Here are 5 reasons why we think a DIY logo is a bad idea!

1. You don’t have the tools.

It’s simple – free designing software simply does not have the same tools or capacity to design in detail the way a professional software would. And trust us, the software makes a huge difference.

A logo that has been designed with the freedom to customize every pixel is going to look far better than one that was restricted by pre-set dimensions.

2. If by some miracle, you do – you probably won’t be able to use them properly.

Just buying the software won’t solve your woes. There is a reason designers are paid for what they do. Having the tools in front of you is not the same as knowing exactly how to use them.

Think of it as giving a chef and an amateur the same ingredients for a meal. There’s a very slim chance that the amateur will be able to compete with the chef’s training and expertise.

3. You won’t have the marketing eye. 

There is more to designing the logo than just choosing an icon and font. There is a great deal of color and shape psychology that goes into creating the perfect impact.

Your logo will not only represent your brand, it will also be a means of marketing it. If you don’t choose the correct palette and design, you could end up missing your chance at making a lasting impact!

4. An amateur looking logo can damage your brand. 

While we’re talking about making an impact, let’s not forget that you could seriously end up making a bad impact with the wrong logo. An amateur looking logo will translate into bad first impressions about your brand. And we’re sure you don’t want that!

A good designer will be able to give you a logo that is not only marketable, but also encompasses what your brand stands for.

5. Even a ‘good’ DIY logo can look bad if it’s not versatile.

So you’ve made a DIY logo, and it looks pretty great on your screen – or even on your website. But the true mark of an excellent logo is when you can use it across different mediums in different sizes and get the same impact.

And the chances are – a designer will be much better equipped to understand how to create a logo that will look good when it’s used in a smaller size on business cards or paper as well as when it’s blown up to fit T-shirts or billboards or posters.

Need a helping hand with your logo design? Contact us today for a free consultation so your logo can make the impact you want!


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