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5 Ways to Leverage Facebook Live to Drive Sales


Facebook Live is an option we keep hearing questions about from Raleigh and Cary business owners. In our last post, How to Use Facebook Live for Your Business we told you what Facebook live is and gave you some tips to help you use it most effectively.


Connecting with viewers is one thing, but using Facebook Live to help boost sales is a whole other story. You want people to buy whatever it is you’re selling, so you must learn to leverage Facebook Live as a means to drive traffic to your website. Here are some ways to do that:


  1. Use visuals. Sometimes when people hear something, it goes in one ear and out the other, so whether you are giving them your website URL or telling them about the latest sale, they might forget it as soon as they hear it. To help with this, try holding up a sign with your URL on it (tip: keep your URL as short as possible). Or, put that on your background, if you are using one. This action will help the more visual learner to remember your website address. Getting people to your website is a critical step toward converting customers.
  2. Show, not tell. Some people are wary of buying things online or choosing a service without meeting you because they don’t know exactly what they are getting. Show some of your products on Facebook Live. Show them how to use the product and all the pieces that will come with their order. Once they’ve seen you talk enthusiastically and use the product, they may be more apt to go straight to your website to buy. If you are a B2B or a service-based business, you can still do this by showcasing yourself or create a how-to for your services.
  3. Pre-launch. Have something new coming out? Give a teaser on your Facebook Live stream along with the date it’ll be released. People will feel special because they will be the first to know. A pre-launch can also create some buzz around your new product or offering. This way people who didn’t even see the stream may hear about it from friends or people they trust.
  4. Promo codes. Promo codes are a good way to get people to watch your live stream. Make the promotions urgent. Tell your viewers they can use the code for a short period after the live stream finishes. If you sell products, this might be only an hour or two. For services and B2B, you might consider a more extended period.
  5. Landing page. Websites are a place for people to learn more about you. If you’re doing an exclusive deal or offer, the best way to convert the audience is to build a landing page. Such a page is geared toward them and the item/service you focused on during that campaign, rather than the overall of your business. You can track page visits, knowing that the traffic is from your Facebook Live stream. Check out our Landing Pages 101 post to learn more about them and how they work.  

Facebook Live usually gets up to three times the engagement of a regular video, so it’s a useful tool. But in the end, you want people to visit you, contact you, buy from you. Contact us for a free consultation about setting up your landing page or marketing campaign.

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