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What are Meta Keywords?

Meta Keywords

Improving search engine optimization (SEO) is about as important as it gets for inbound marketing. Any website or blog would try everything possible to get high ranks on the search engine result pages (SERPs). You can find all sorts of information online to help you improve your SEO strategy — including things you should do and things you should avoid doing. Meta keywords are one of those debatable topics.

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Tools of the Trade

toolsWe don't make what we do complicated, we just do it ...
and do it well.

Being in the design business for over 30 years, we've used many kinds of software and hardware, from Microsoft Publisher to Indesign. The freeware NVU to Joomla. From the old typesetting machines to a full-blown four-color press. This isn't complicated. Just as a mechanic uses the basic tools with a few exceptions, so do we.