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5 Tips for Successful Content Marketing

 Woman creating content on a laptop

Content creation is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing. A few years ago, a simple website was all you needed to maintain an online presence and marketing was mostly done through conventional channels.

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Tips to Boost Your Web Traffic

a man with pen writing web traffic words

One of the most disheartening things faced by business owners is low website traffic. Traffic blues are so unnerving because they indicate a lack of potential customers, let alone converted clients. And as an entrepreneur, all an individual wants is to have an endless stream of customers (and then some more customers). But when their web traffic dwindles, so does their morale. If your business has been facing the same predicament, then instead of feeling dejected, perhaps you should try the following tips to boost your website traffic.

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Turn Your Website into a Conversion Genius

An image of Google Analytics data for conversion results

The purpose of setting up a website is not only to promote your products and services. Fully functioning websites also generate more and more consumer traffic. Is your website successful in this area? A simple way to find out is by analyzing your rate of conversion, also known as website conversion. According to Tech Jury, a one-second delay in page load leads to a 7% decrease in conversion rate. This term refers to the number of visitors on your site who get converted into customers or respond to any Call-To-Action links. Let’s take a look at how you can increase the conversion rates on your website:

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Tools of the Trade

toolsWe don't make what we do complicated, we just do it ...
and do it well.

Being in the design business for over 30 years, we've used many kinds of software and hardware, from Microsoft Publisher to Indesign. The freeware NVU to Joomla. From the old typesetting machines to a full-blown four-color press. This isn't complicated. Just as a mechanic uses the basic tools with a few exceptions, so do we.