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How To Choose the Right Colors For Your Brand

How To Choose the Right Colors For Your Brand 1

Before you design your logo, you should know that the colors that you use to represent your brand have a massive impact on consumer behavior. According to research, 85% of consumers believe that colors are one of the biggest factors that make them choose a product. 92% of consumers agree that visual appearance is one of the most significant marketing factors for them!

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[Project] Sour Cream Deviled Eggs

Sour Cream Egg Recipe Flyer

Recently, a client contacted us to create something that they would be able to send to customers letting them know they were being thought of during this trying time of the pandemic.

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How to Talk to a Graphic Designer - 5 Helpful Tips

two black-and-white birds talking

When it comes to the successful completion of a design project, one of the most crucial factors is effective communication between the client and the graphic designer or designing team. Follow these helpful tips on how to talk to a graphic designer to bridge any awkward communication gaps, avoid delays within the project, and achieve the desired outcomes.

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