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7 Best Practices in Graphic Design

Photos of books about Why Fonts Matter Photo by Jeroen den Otter on Unsplash

While creativity and skill will get you far, these two alone don’t make a great graphic designer. Just like a pro-athlete focuses as much on technique as on sheer skill, a graphic designer needs to be aware of the industry’s best practices to really take their productivity to the next level. In this article, we share some of the industry’s best practices in graphic design.

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How to Give Feedback to Your Designer in an Organized, Effective Way


Proper communication with your designer lies at the core of getting the desired results by hiring their services. However, if there’s too much back and forth between you and your designer and you are still not even close to getting the results that you wanted, chances are that they are unable to understand your requirements.

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5 Questions To Ask a Designer On A Free Consult Call

Questions To AskYour Designer On A Free Consult Call

From designing your brand logos to your campaign banners to templates for your marketing effort, designers are an integral part of your business success. Before you consider working with one, here are 5 questions to ask a designer on call to make sure they are the right fit for your needs.

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Tools of the Trade

toolsWe don't make what we do complicated, we just do it ...
and do it well.

Being in the design business for over 30 years, we've used many kinds of software and hardware, from Microsoft Publisher to Indesign. The freeware NVU to Joomla. From the old typesetting machines to a full-blown four-color press. This isn't complicated. Just as a mechanic uses the basic tools with a few exceptions, so do we.