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How Important Are Colors for Your Brand?

importance of your brand colorsColors might just come across as a basic part of branding for most entrepreneurs, but they are way more than that. Colors can go on to define a brand as they play a crucial role within the whole process. The identity of your brand can be associated with the colors you have in your brand, which is why it is important to choose the right colors. Interestingly, there have also been instances where well-established brands have changed their colors, only to experience a lack of interest from customers. 

Let’s take up the example of McDonalds here. Would you feel the same way about McDonalds if they were to change their color from yellow to purple? No, you won’t. Colors are necessary for association, and you would want your brand to be associated with the right colors.


Color Psychology 

Color psychology is a branch of psychology where scientists and prominent psychologists study the negative and positive impact of colors on human behavior. Each color can have a different impact on the human brain, leading to a different reaction on every individual. Here we look at some of the universal perceived meanings for different colors: 

  • Blue: The color blue is seen in a very positive light, and is considered as one that invokes security, trust, and responsibility. The color is often associated with serenity by humans. 
  • Green: Green is the color of nature and symbolizes good health. This is the number one reason why green is the most used color when it comes to medical products that look after your health. 
  • Red: Red is an extremely energetic color and is linked with invoking aggression and passion. The color red has long been used by brands for creating a cult-like following. 
  • Yellow: Yellow is best defined as the color of optimism and vibrancy. The color can also be described as extremely captivating and motivating as it catches your attention and makes you feel good. 
  • Purple: Purple is known for inducing feelings of nostalgia. Nostalgia is a strong emotion, which is why the color purple is also known to be strong. 
  • Pink: Dark shades of the color pink are known for instilling excitement and for making people feel romantic. 
  • Orange: This color is perfect for making children feel cheerful and for adults to feel friendly. 
  • Black: Black has long been used by marketers for serious and classic campaigns. Stray away from the color black if you aren’t sure about it. Black is a strong color, and it can as easily backfire. 

Factors You Should Consider in Choosing a Color Scheme

These factors include: 


The color you choose must be appropriate for your brand and shouldn’t come across as too pretentious for your brand’s persona. You wouldn’t want the color orange for an insurance firm. 

Target Market 

Keep your target market in mind and choose the color of your brand accordingly. Knowing the factors that define your target market can help you in choosing the right colors. 


If you’re going for multiple colors, make sure that you choose the best of the lot. The colors should fall consistently in place and should have a monotonous tone to them.  If you need help polishing and executing your marketing strategy like a pro, contact Print and Web Design by visiting their website or calling them at 336-684-6505 to schedule a free consultation.

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