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How to Create a Page in Joomla

Websites are never done. Once you’ve worked with the Print and Web Designer team to create your business's new site with Joomla!, you will need to update the information once in awhile. For example, maybe your team of one grows to four, and you want to add an “Our Team” page.

For those not familiar with Joomla!, the terminology and process might be confusing. Here is a how to add a new page.

  1. In Joomla!, a page is called an Article. Most of your standard pages (text, images, and hyperlinks) will be created in the Article Manager section. Once you are logged in, click on the content menu, which will drop down. Then click on Article Manager. OR - You can also get there by clicking on “Content,” then “Articles” in the drop down and then “Add New Articles.”
  2. Click on the green “new” button to create a new page.
  3. You’ll then see a page with a large white box that looks a bit like a Word document. Type in the page name in the box above that, the one that says “Title.”
  4. Type or paste your text into the large white box and use the buttons to format it as desired. You can make text bold, change font size, add bullet points and images, and more.
    *Please note it’s best to use the “insert text from Word” button if you are copying text over from somewhere else. Doing so will make sure the formatting is clean. You can also paste the text into Notepad or similar program first instead.
  5. Click the green “save” button when you are done.

Add the Page to the Menu

Although you have just created the page, you will not see it on the top navigation of your home page until you add it to the menu. To do that:

  1. While logged in, click on “menus” at the top. Then click on “main menu” in the dropdown.
  2. You will see a list of the page you currently have on the front page of your site.
  3. Click “new.”
  4. Then, you will choose the type of menu item. We’re adding an article, so click the blue “select” button and choose “single article.”
  5. You will now see another box that says “select article” to the left of it. To the right of that box, click the “select” button to choose exactly which page you want to add.

You’re done! If you have questions about how to add a page in Joomla!, contact us for help.

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