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How to Know if it’s Time to Rebrand?

How to Know if its Time to RebrandRebranding can be a tough job. It stands on that thin line between being a complete disaster that needs to be reversed like GAP’s logo redesign or it can be a success like FedEx’s streamlining of the brand. So how exactly do you end up on the FedEx side of the spectrum? Well, we’ve outline three major aspects of identifying when it’s the right time to rebrand so you know exactly what you’re getting into!

1.  You have a valid reason

Rebranding is more than just giving your business a new logo design. There needs to be a purpose behind the move. Do you want to engage with a wider demographic? Are you interested in increasing sales? Or do you want to curate a new image for your brand? There needs to be some kind of thought process behind the decision otherwise your rebranding efforts will fall flat and just be a waste of time and resources.

2.  You have done your research

You need to have a good sense of your competition, the market climate, consumer preferences, and the cost of rebranding before you begin. Do your research on trends and gather as many statistics as you can on how consumers interact with your brand at present. A successful rebrand will rely heavily on the strategy you implement behind it. And a successful strategy is born out of how well researched and relevant it is to your goals.

3. You are changing more than just one aspect

Once you have solid reasoning behind your decision to rebrand, you will need to focus on different options to go about the process. The first and most obvious for most brands is redesigning their logo. Do the smart thing and hire a designer so your end result doesn’t end up looking cheap or unprofessional. But a great new logo – or even a new name for that matter – is not enough.

You need to show a significant change in your brand that is reflected through the name and logo. Those alone are not enough. Make your rebrand more cohesive and impactful by changing up the company’s mission statement and advertising the reason behind this decision.

That said, if you really want to redesign your brand – go for it! Sometimes, all the research and planning in the world can’t beat vision and passion. Let us help you with designing. Contact us for a free consultation today and get started on your journey!

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