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Important Components of a Great Email Campaign

Components of a Great Email Campaign

Since the time it was invented and introduced in the marketing forum, email has been used to attract and build leads. In the past, emails have proved a successful medium of gaining new prospects for your brand.

When other digital marketing channels, especially social media became integrated into the arena, email marketing took a backseat. However, the companies who used it right and put thought behind their campaigns, still made it work. This is especially true for companies that engage in business-to-business activities.

Despite what people believe, marketers will have you know that email marketing still works. The key to garnering a positive ROI is to do it the right way.

Just like a recipe for an outstanding dish, what you put into your email campaign changes the outcomes it produces. Here are some of the most important components of a great email campaign:

Start with a Plan

Nothing will work until you plan for it. When it comes to email campaigns, planning requires you to create;

  1. A content strategy based on your target audience
  2. Content calendar

Lean towards creating content that solves the reader’s problems. This includes taking advantage of industry events to connect with your prospects.

Segment the Mail

No email campaign is one-size-fits-all. Email campaign creation is a specific and focused activity. Your email campaign needs to make sense to the one who will be reading it. This is why there is a need for database segmentation.

You need to assess who will be receiving the mails, whether they fall in the category of your consumers, their interest, buying patterns, etc.

The answers to these questions will allow you to create targeted emails that are relevant to the reader.

The Subject in Question

The subject line of the email is what your reader will see first. Based on what is written there, the email will be either read or put in spam.

Generic, salesy, over-the-top, and misleading subject lines seem disingenuous and spammy. The key is making the subject line concise, informative yet intriguing to the reader

Avoid using emoticons, all-caps, too many punctuation, and words like free, bonus, gift, etc. Make the point of the email clear that intrigues the reader while creating a sense of urgency.


Salutations such as “Dear Ma’am/Sir” or a simple “Hello” seem too generic and impersonal. After the subject line, how you greet the reader is what compels them to read further.

Personalizing it with their name (at least their first name) will not only build trust but make the reader think the email is written specifically for them.

With that, use conversational language that puts the reader in focus. Use “you” more than “us/we”. It is another way you can make the reader feel like they are important.

Call to Action (CTA)

Once you’ve made clear what the email is about, you need to direct the reader to take some action. If you don’t, what’s the point of the email then?

A call to action or CTA entices readers to take some take action e.g. click on a link that leads them to a landing page.

Mobile Optimization

Responsive design has now become a compulsory part of web design. Whether it’s an app, website or an email, it needs to be optimized. This way, it appears the same way as it does on a desktop.

Not having an email optimized means out of frame images and missing text, which fails to capture the reader’s attention.


Lastly, automation is a must for all email campaigns. Once you have the email addresses of your prospects, they become a lead for you to follow and keep up with.

Email automation means aligning a follow-up series of emails that nurture the leads into becoming customers. With a content schedule, you won’t have to send out the emails each time, everything will be automated.

With these tips and components as a part of your email campaign, you can make the most out of your marketing efforts. We here are Print & Web Designer can help you along all of these elements and give your email campaign a much-needed boost.

Get in touch with us at and let our team make your email campaign count.

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