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Interesting Statistics about Infographics

Because of the growing number of businesses in every industry, business owners must devise novel strategies to get the attention of their target audience. The competition is intense, and the only way to survive is to stand out. How do you go about doing that? By using the world of visual media as a springboard. Look around you, and you will find that every business is producing visual content to pique the public’s curiosity and maximize cash flow.

Infographics are the most popular type of visual content today. Every company is harnessing the power of infographics as it is the most straightforward approach to reach out to the audience and deliver the message. Regardless of how complex the message is, infographics can break it down into digestible chunks for your audience to consume.

The statistics presented below will help you understand why infographics are an essential element of the inbound marketing funnel.

Infographics and Buyer Behavior

The fact that humans are visual learners is the primary reason that infographics are now used in every industry. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) neuroscientists discovered that human brains could process images in as little as 13 milliseconds.

Furthermore, according to a 2004 research by the Social Science Research Network, 65% of the general population is visual learners.

This is the primary reason why infographics are so successful and why they should be a cornerstone of every business’s content marketing strategy. When you present your message to your audience in the form of visually appealing infographics, they are more likely to fully understand it.

Your customers will not only understand but will also remember the message. This is because information presented colorfully is easier for our brains to absorb and recall.

As a result, your brand and its message will be etched in their minds. In fact, when your message is conveyed visually rather than textually, your audience is more likely to recall up to 65% of it!

What’s more, incorporating colors into a content piece enhances people’s interest by as much as 80%. So, if you want to maximize your readership, choose your colors wisely for your infographics.

Infographics and Social Media

Almost all successful corporations dabble in social media marketing. How do they get traction on well-known social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook? By using infographics.


Infographics are the key to getting noticed and promoted on Twitter, the iconic microblogging and social networking service. Studies show that tweets with images are 150 percent more likely to be retweeted than those with plain text. Second, tweets with images are 18% more likely to be clicked on. Tweets with images are also 89% more likely to be added to a user’s ‘Favorites.’ (Source: Buffer)


Instagram is a popular photo and video-sharing social networking site for brands looking to increase their visibility, reputation, and engagement. For marketers whose target demographic is millennials, infographics are the most popular type of content on Instagram. (Source: Neal Schaffer)


If you want to maximize your engagement on Facebook, the most popular social networking site, infographics are the way to go. It has been proven that Facebook posts with images receive twice the engagement as those without images. While according to Quintly, a German social media analytics platform, brands enjoy 87% more engagement when their Facebook posts incorporate images.


Infographics are also popular on LinkedIn, a business and employment-oriented online service. In fact, posts featuring images receive 98% more comments on average!


Adding engaging infographics to your blogs is a great way to increase blog traffic. If you add an image after every 75-100 words in your blog posts, you will obtain more social media shares. (Source: BuzzSumo)

Infographics and Marketing

The effectiveness of infographics in promoting a company’s products/services has been well demonstrated in recent years. As a result, their adoption as a B2B content marketing strategy climbed from 50% to 58% between 2015-16.

In fact, 36% of marketers reported they intended to spend more than one-third of their budget on creating visual content in 2017. By 2019, 74% of marketers were fully utilizing visual content to market their services. Furthermore, 49% of marketers said that visual content was already an integral part of their marketing strategy.

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Still Wondering Why You Should Use Infographics?

Are you on the fence about whether or not to invest time and effort in creating infographics? Don’t worry, our pockets are still full of insightful facts that will surely convince you.

This is what infographics can do for your business:

  • Colorful infographics can boost your sales by up to 80%. (Source: Xerox)
  • Well-designed infographics can increase your website traffic by 12%. This is why you should incorporate informative infographics in your blogs and other web pages. (Source: Demand Gen Report)
  • If the content is king, then visual content can be queen. It has been proven that content with relevant images generates 94% more views than content without images. What could be more “relevant” than presenting the facts in the form of a visually appealing infographic? (Source: QuickSprout)

Quick Tips to Design a Perfect Infographic

Here’s how you can design an infographic that will bring you closer to your business goals.

  • Determine your customers’ needs, as your infographic should be specific and relevant to your target demographic.
  • Remain focused by sticking to a single topic.
  • Don’t stuff it with too many elements. The simpler it is, the easier it is to understand.
  • Make use of negative/white space.
  • Create attention-grabbing headlines.

Want Professionally Designed Infographics?

At Print and Web Designer, we understand the value of well-designed infographics. We know the fruitful results that this kind of visual content can yield for your business. Therefore, we offer infographics designing services along with other inbound marketing services. You can also rely on us for print design services, including brochure design and magazine design—basically, we can handle your entire brand design endeavor.

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