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Questions to ask your Web Designer before they Start Working on the Project

Web design questionsIf you’re in the market for a new website or a complete rejuvenation, it means you’ll be approaching multiple web designers for a quote. You’ll probably scour the web for new agencies or freelancers and choose somebody whose work embodies your vision.
In order to choose the best web designer, you’re also likely to read through testimonials or reviews left by their clients. It’s understandable as you would want someone who could create the website of your dreams.
Here are some questions to ask your web designer before they begin working on your project:

How experienced are you?
Whether you are working with an independent designer or a web design agency, ask them for their experience. While extensive experience is incredibly valuable, you can also find some incredible talent in someone who has been designing for just a year or two. However, 5 years of industry experience is more than enough.

Can I see your portfolio?
Today, most web designers and related agencies put their portfolios on their websites. However, you can ask to see more or recent projects. Reputable web designers will show you their work without any hesitation, but if they don’t, it is better you look somewhere else.

What is your process?
Most web designers are very specific about how they go about their work. Instead of haphazard planning, they have a systematic process detailing how they create a website. Again, many designers put their process on their own websites. If they don’t, ask them to explain it verbally. This is essential for maintaining transparency throughout the project’s timeline. If the designer can’t explain it, turn the other way.

Do you send original files?
Original working files allow designers to make changes and edit the website’s design whenever they want. Every reputable web designer will send their clients the working files in case something happens and they can’t work on the website. These files are produced in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and other similar graphic software.

Is website maintenance one of your offerings?
Website maintenance is an important part of web design. WordPress care plans sustain the performance, structure, and even the appearance of the website as it starts earning you business. Also, without maintenance, you’ll be risking getting hacked, corrupted files, and non-optimized plugins and frameworks.

In addition to these questions, make sure that you and your brand connect with the designers. Website design projects are not exactly short. You will be working with the designer closely for a few weeks. You should be able to get along and communicate well.

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