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[Project] Allowing Your Clients to Log In to Your Website

Griffin.jpgClient login systems are a useful way to let your client pay bills, see their latest update from you, or download information about their project.

We recently set up a login system for Griffin Land Surveying, Inc. Their website was several years old, which meant we needed to create a new one. Newer technology is more secure. Plus, the old website was not responsive. Responsive websites are built to look appealing and function well on all phones, tablets, and computers. Such design is imperative for SEO and best practices.

We redesigned the website, updating the images and designing some new graphics to give the company a state-of-the-art look.

Griffin’s team wanted to make sure clients could log in and access surveys and other documents, which is called an extranet. Extranets are helpful to streamline company processes and improve customer satisfaction. While the old site had an extranet, the older technology was struggling to handle larger files.

Challenge: The control panel on the back end of the website is large, due to the sizes of the files clients download. This takes up a lot of memory and slows things down.

Solution: We helped Griffin’s team put a system in place to clean up and delete files each year without affecting current clients. Regular cleanup is crucial to maintaining your website (and all your technology, really).

Extranet Security
If you work with a company to create an extranet, be sure security measures are in place. Here are some tips and things to consider:
● Will clients create their passwords? In this case, we set it up so Griffin created the passwords, which are likely to be more secure. (Check out this infographic for some scary stats about passwords!)
● Make sure the back end of the extranet is secure so those passwords are not easily visible.
● Create a security policy for your extranet and a plan in case it is hacked.

The team at Griffin is thrilled with the new site and smoother functionality for clients.

“My experience with Myra, and her team has been seamless,” said Amy Knuckles, manager. “She is always available if I have any questions or concerns. I’d highly recommend her and Print and Web Designer!”

If you have questions about making your website work better, contact us to learn more.

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