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[Project] Website for Residential Treatment Services of Alamance

Websites are not something you build once and forget about for 10 years. We often compare them to houses in their need for maintenance. Unfortunately, with websites, you sometimes have to tear down the whole thing and start over as technology evolves.

Challenges: That was the case with Residential Treatment Services of Alamance, a community that helps people in recovery from addiction. Their old site was built with Adobe Flash in the 1990s. At the time, the technology and the site were cutting edge. The web has changed dramatically since then. Developers have found more secure and better solutions to produce the same result, especially in a world where we scroll more with our fingertips than with mouse clicks. Today, most browsers don’t support Flash, making it difficult for RTSA to reach their audiences and support their mission.

Solution: The people at RTSA knew it was time to rebuild their website, but of course such a project is intimidating. Anne Baker at RTSA said they needed a website that could accept online donations, announce events and opportunities as well as help with marketing RTSA

Result: We created a new site that not only offers those features and more, but uses today’s best coding practices so it will function well across browsers and devices.

More importantly, Print and Web Designer now helps maintain the website. Many business owners “set it and forget it,” not realizing how crucial it is to run updates regularly on software and servers. This ensures not only a more secure site but decreases chances of something breaking or not working later. After all, if you run a nonprofit, you want your donation page to function when someone is ready to give you a credit card number!

We will also help send the monthly RTSA newsletter by placing it on their website in a magazine format. That’s one less thing for the team to do while they focus on their mission.

“Print and Web Designer was friendly, efficient and produced a great website,” Baker said. “Print and Web Design was a pleasure to work with.”

Thank you, Anne, for the review. We loved helping RTSA rebuild their site. If you’re ready for a refresh of your website, contact us to get started.

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