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[Project] Enterprising Women

Enterprising Women is print and online magazine devoted to the community of women entrepreneurs that account for nearly half of the small business owners in America. Their mission is to reflect and amplify the voices of entrepreneurial women; to share their stories of risk and success; to chronicle their growing political, economic and social influence and power; to celebrate their triumphs; to provide solutions to their problems; and to identify and promote a new generation of leaders, along with role models and mentors for tomorrow's leaders.

As Enterprising Women continues to grow, we made sure their Web site is able to grow with them. We've added 5 more subsites to their base site.

"Our past experience with Website designers was frustrating. Some have the skills to make a site look great, but they don't understand the back end of the site and the functionality suffers. Some understand the back end, but lack the design ability to make the site look great. Myra and her team combine the best of both worlds to design functional and attractive Websites with pizzazz. I highly recommend her!" ~Monica Smiley, Publisher/CEO, Enterprising Women

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Tools of the Trade

toolsWe don't make what we do complicated, we just do it ...
and do it well.

Being in the design business for over 30 years, we've used many kinds of software and hardware, from Microsoft Publisher to Indesign. The freeware NVU to Joomla. From the old typesetting machines to a full-blown four-color press. This isn't complicated. Just as a mechanic uses the basic tools with a few exceptions, so do we.