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[Project] Sour Cream Deviled Eggs

Recently, a client contacted us to create something that they would be able to send to customers letting them know they were being thought of during this trying time of the pandemic.

This is what we came up with:Sour Cream Devlied Eggs Flyer

Sour Cream Egg Recipe Flyer

They sent these flyers out to their clients and received such a positive response. I woke up on Saturday morning to this email:


Happy Palm Sunday Myra.   


Wanted to let you know that we have had several of our past clients tell us that they appreciated us sending them the Deviled Egg sour cream recipe.  Mary Staton cooked them as well for us, and we all liked them. In short the flyer was a hit and we very much appreciate your creativity in putting this together and helping us spread some good will with a positive message of keeping the faith. 





Thank you Bert! During these times, it is nice to hear positivity. Be safe everyone!

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