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What is an Infographic and What are its Benefits?

Since the emergence of visual media, we have hardly ever looked back to when mass communication relied almost exclusively on newspapers and books. Simply put, we are all pushed for time, so we prefer to consume information and knowledge in the most convenient and quickest way possible. It is for this reason that infographics have become the method of choice when consuming data and information today. The information provided with an infographic is concise yet easy to understand, and presented in a visually appealing manner. How to create a compelling infographic that will entice..

Let’s take a closer look at what an infographic is and how it can benefit us.

Infographics: understanding the basics

As you would have guessed, the term “infographic” is a portmanteau of the words “information” and “graphics.” An infographic is described as “a visual representation of information or data” by the Oxford English Dictionary. This ‘visual representation’ contains diverse elements ranging from images and vector graphics to text and charts.

The use of infographics is becoming ever more popular these days. An infographic can be found just about anywhere—on the wall of a dental clinic, in offices, magazines, and on all social media outlets. People have recognized the efficacy of this visual communication tool, and it is now used as a medium for both branded and editorial content.

However, the embrace of infographics is most evident in inbound marketing, where brands are adopting infographics as a critical component of their content marketing strategy.

Let’s look at how infographics can help a company achieve its marketing goals.

Infographic: a powerful tool for content marketing

Our brains process visual information at a breakneck speed. In fact, according to one estimate, visuals communicate information 60,000 times faster than text! (Source: Thermopylae Sciences + Technology) You can leverage this knowledge to strengthen your inbound marketing efforts and boost your cash flow. Here are some more reasons why an infographic is a powerful marketing tool in 2021:

1. It boosts engagement.

Lengthy, text-based marketing can be boring to your readers. If you want them to stay engaged, share the information with the aid of infographics. The variety of texts and images will help them in understanding the intended message. When you visualize the data, even those who despise the word “data” will take the time to look at it. With your message reaching a larger pool of people, you are more likely to get a better response.

2. It appeals to a broader range of audiences.

You can never go wrong with an infographic if you want to reach a broader market. A well-designed infographic can easily capture the eye and interest of people of all types, whether they like reading long-form content or do not have much time to read at all. Readers who have the patience and time to read lengthy and detailed blogs and journals will not mind seeing a beautiful, graphical representation of the information. On the other hand, those who dislike ambiguous information and prefer to get right to the point will also love this medium.

3. It supplements textual information.

There are times when a standalone infographic piece is not enough, and text-based content is necessary. In such cases, you can use infographics to complement your write-up. While your well-designed infographics will give readers the gist of the topic, they will also have an option to read an informative piece of content. The use of infographics only serves to improve the material that is provided in a text form. While the content prevents the infographic from being misinterpreted, the infographic makes the content easier to process.

4. You can share it on a variety of channels.

The best thing about infographics is that they are easy to share. Your site visitors can easily share the desired visual content when it is in the form of an infographic, regardless of the social network. Those who receive this informative infographic will be more inclined to read it as well. No wonder many businesses are making use of infographics. If you want more people to consume your content, you must visualize it and share it on the social media that your target audience uses.

How to create a compelling infographic?

Here are a few tips to make your infographic stand out and deliver the desired results…

  • The headline is one of the first things that will catch your readers’ attention and tell them what the infographic is all about. So, if you want your readers to continue to read your infographic, you must create a headline that draws them in and piques their curiosity. In addition to being witty, it should provide clear and concise information about the infographic topic.
  • Keep your target audience in mind. If you want your infographic to be widely circulated, you must ensure that it contains the information and solutions that your readers are searching for. It should be tailored to their specific needs and interests.
  • Do not keep it cluttered. Nobody will want to read your infographic if it seems like an unorganized document with pictures and charts put together hastily. You must leave enough white/negative space to make it look more organized and legible. If the infographic is less busy, even someone who just glances at it will get the general idea behind it.
  • Use the text sparingly. Keep in mind that this is an info “graphic,” so use as many visual elements as possible to relay the message. This will make your infographic more impactful.
  • Your infographic should be easy on the eye. Too many colors can be overwhelming to your readers, so stick to one primary color and 1-2 complementary colors to emphasize the intended parts. (Related Read: How To Choose the Right Colors For Your Brand)

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