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[RECENT PROJECTS] Building a Website with Online Scheduling for The Perky Lady

pl before after Small business owners need a website that looks amazing and stands out — perhaps even more so than their larger competitors. That’s why we were thrilled to create a custom design for The Perky Lady, an Apex woman named April who sells “exquisite underthings.”

Challenges: Template sites don’t offer the range of customization we can build from scratch. The owner wanted to create a website with a feminine look, yet avoid anything too frilly or covered in pink. The site needed to convey some fun yet classiness to match her products and services. She also required an online scheduling system for appointments and events. Most critically, she needed a website that people could find online so they could learn more about her.

Solutions: We worked hard to find royalty-free art and images for her site, and created a design that stands out without appearing too cluttered or overbearing. There are many scheduling tools for websites, but the Perky Lady needed something that fit in with her calendar and enabled her to confirm and get payment. We coded a unique calendar booking option to make sure it worked for her needs. As with all our websites, we set it up with the best SEO practices in mind and continue to work for her in that realm.

Result: The result is a fun and inviting website that has increased her business.

As April said in her review, “Myra & the whole crew of Print & Web Designer took our self-made mediocre website and created a stunning optimized powerhouse. The SEO is wicked effective! Our site traffic has increased by 400%, which has converted to a 20% increase in sales. Someone our founder hadn't seen since she was 5 years old located her via the new business site! Myra and her team were efficient, communicative, effective and created a unique concept completely catered to our brand. Myra & the team are easy to work with and came in right on budget.”

Thank you, April! We loved working on this project! If you need a custom website, contact us to learn more about our process.

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