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Tips for Planning an Amazing Business Holiday Party

Tips for Planning an Amazing Business Holiday Party

In the movie world, there are two ways to throw an office or business holiday party, the first one is the chaotic and boring mess thrown by Angela in The Office or the one that Bridget Jones attends that opens Bridget Jones’s Diary.

The reality is a little far off from these holiday parties. Each business has its own party planning committee that is responsible for organizing and throwing parties throughout the year on various occasions.

However, the holiday party is the one most employees and even some clients wait for. In most cases, these business holiday parties have a reputation for being stale, dragged out, and corporate-like.

This year’s holiday party might be a chance for you to break that tradition and inject some holiday spirit into it. To help you out in the process, here are some tips for throwing an unforgettable holiday party:

Choose a Theme

Instead of boring floral décor that could potentially be used for any other corporate event, go out of the box this time with a theme. This is the way you can make the event a memorable one. There are many options to choose from but do make sure it is still appropriate for an office event. You don’t want HR coming after you!

You can choose the traditional winter wonderland or go with the glamorous route. You can even pick a decade or a classic holiday movie as your theme.

Secret Santa

A few days prior to the holiday party, you can run a secret Santa in each department. Put a cap on the gift at $20 and allow the employees to get creative. You can also give out door prizes at the party as everyone loves winning a present.

You can keep the gifts pretty simple, such as Fitbits, gift cards, chocolate, a day off work, tickets to a show or concert, etc. This is up to you and your superiors to decide.

Ice Breaking Activities

Office parties can be awkward if your employees don’t really know one another. You can allow them to loosen up and get to know other people with some ice-breaking activities. Simple activities like pairing up people and sending them on a scavenger hunt or building a gingerbread house can be fun.

You can also do a holiday-based trivia or bingo.

Photo Booth

People love taking photos and making their own Kodak moments. Set up a photo booth so people can take advantage and grab some photos. If renting a booth isn’t in the budget, make your own.

Bring some props from a craft store and look for ideas on Pinterest to set up a holiday-themed backdrop for festive photos.


To make sure people enjoy the party, hire some entertainment. If you allow the employees to bring their families, get a Santa so the kids can have some fun. You can also hire a singer or some other form of entertainment, such as a comedy show.

There are many ways to switch up a regular catering and drinks party to something everyone can enjoy. For further information on how to market the party to entice people to attend, contact Print & Web Designer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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